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We advance business interests between South Africa and Portugal, through individual enablement and commercial promotion.
How do I benefit?

Benefits of Membership

Through personal empowerment and commercial promotion, we help individuals and companies to grow their businesses in Portugal and/or South Africa. We achieve this primarily through events, online and in person. Several membership benefits when companies or individuals subscribe to CCILSA are:

Government engagement

We can build relationships with government through our strong contacts. We can advice you on grants available, legal hurdles and help you shortcut many of the sometimes necessary and onerous processes.

Advisory services

Online events, publications (white papers) on best practices and tax aspects amongst others.

Expert Network

We have a broad network of experts both on the board and in our members, government officials. As a result we have access to topical and relevant legal, financial and business knowledge issues.

Relevant News

We disseminate relevant news affecting trade, legal and regulatory changes. We announce news of new grants and you will have opportunities to participate in regular surveys.

Business Promotion

We can raise the profile of your business through sponsorship of events or online membership benefits through our members list and regular newsletter.

Trade Missions

You could participate in trade missions between Portugal and South Africa. Our executive board is heavily involved in supporting trade missions to find new opportunities for businesses on both sides.

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Currently we have the following packages

For freelancers, sole agents and private individuals
Small Business
Small business with between 5 and 20 employees
Our enterprise package is aimed at entitites with more than 20 employees.
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We have had a long and prestigious story, starting way back in 1980.

The Executive Board


Manuela Robinson



Olimpia Soalheiro

Vice President


Ricardo Chaves



Analiza Sousa

Secretary Executive Board


Ruan Scott

Executive Board Member


Nick Robinson

Executive Board Member


Leonardo Figueiredo

Executive Board Member

The Fiscal Board


Joaquim Reis

President Fiscal Board


Paula Matias

VP Fiscal Board


Luis Pedra Silva

Secretary Fiscal Board

The General Assembly


Vicky Rodrigues

President General Assembly


Marco Sardinha

VP General Assembly


Selma Cazes

Secretary General Assembly

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